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Suction shaft for Komori

1. Anti-static, dust free, heat and wear resistant to make lifetime double happen
2. Lower price, much better quality


Presser for Komori

1. The must-have of every printing company with Komori printing machines
2. Adopts high quality steel with super high flexibility for your smooth printing job
3. Approved by maintenance staff of printing machine
4. Our member will guide you to choose correct presser for your Komori

   The left side one is from original, right side one is from 3Cube

Paper guide hooker

1. The must-have of every printing company with Komori &          Mitsubishi printing machines

2. Takes only 3 minutes for installation due to it’s hooker              structure

3. Neither need to stop machine to remove the rod nor                  technician, you can do it by yourself

4. Made of Aluminum instead of plastic, solid and very long          lifetime

5. Unique design with patent and product of Taiwan


Side guider

  1. Available for all machines with automatic feeders. And the must-need for every printing machine, flatbed cutting machine, glue box machine and coating machine user
  2. Efficiently fix the sheet well in case of sheet drifting or untidy especially when run the machine in high speed
  3. Available for all machines with automatic feeder. Except flatbed cutter, also can be widely used in printing, coating, folding machines… etc
  4. Made in aluminum, light and anti-rust
  5. Easy for installation and very long lifetime