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3Cube participated All in Print 2023-11-30
3Cube participated WEPACK ASEAN in Malaysia 2023-11-29
Holiday notice from 3Cube Diesupplies 2023-09-27
3Cube participated Member Assembly and Manufacturer's Meeting 2023-08-21
We are back from WEPACK 2023-08-21
3Cube Diesupplies will participate 2023 WEPACK 2023-06-20
Dragon Boat Festival 2023-06-20
3Cube donates local NPO 2023-06-06
3Cube will be off for New Year 2023-01-19
Wishes from 3Cube Diesupplies 2022-12-26
We are back from TIGAX 2022 2022-09-22
3Cube Diesupplies wishes you a happy Moon Festival 2022-09-08
3Cube Diesupplies will participate TIGAX 2022-07-26
3Cube Wishes you a very happy Dragon Boat Festival 2022-06-02
3Cube Diesupplies will be off for National holiday 2022-03-29
3Cube Diesupplies acted as sponsor on 2021 FSD Annual Presentation 2022-01-05
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021-12-22
Day-off notice for Moon Festival 2021-09-14
3Cube off notice for Dragon Boat Festival 2021-06-12
Children’s Day & Tomb Sweeping Festival 2021-03-29
3Cube Diesupplies wishes you a happy Chinese New Year 2021-01-27
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020-12-25
We are back from TIGAX 2020 2020-12-16
We will participate TIGAX 2020 2020-10-29
3CUBE wish you have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival ! 2020-09-30
3Cube joins IADD 2020-05-15
Specification amendment of 3C003 notcher 2020-04-13
3Cube will meet you at Drupa 2020-02-27
Happy Lunar New Year! 2020-01-15
4th December, 2019 3Cube participated Drupa 2020 presentation 2019-12-05
We will participate Print Indonesia 2019-10-05
We are just back from India Corr and got huge success 2019-09-12
We will participate India Corr Expo 2019 2019-08-23
Dragon Boat Festival 2019-06-05
3Cube show news 2019-03-19
Off notice from 3Cube Diesupplies 2018-12-20
About China Print 2018-12-11
We will participate SinoFoldingCarton Show 2018-03-08
Chinese New Year break notice 2018-01-31
Merry Christmas! 2017-12-25
Now technical support is available 2017-11-17
Thank you for joining China Print with 3Cube 2017-05-18
On Leave Notice for Chinese New Year 2017-01-13
Happy 2017 2017-01-11
3Cube participated TIGAX 2016-09-30
We will participate TIGAX 2016 (C828) 2016-08-03
We will participate Drupa show, booth number is 11B39 2016-04-12
kind invitation from 3Cube 2016-03-30
Special shape punches 2015-12-01
some news of 3Cube 2015-11-03
Our new production plant is ready 2015-10-01
3Cube will visit Sinofoldingcarton show in 2015 2015-08-20
New punch! Hexagonal punch 2015-08-14
New product line! Gison pneumatic tools 2015-06-12
100% machine production 2015-05-20
3 Cube now works with San-I- one of leading grinding wheel provider of the world 2015-04-22
3Cube Diesupplies will participate Sinofoldingcarton 2015-04-17