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Thank you for enjoying Drupa with us
3Cube off notice for Dragon Boat Festival
3Cube will attend Drupa show
3Cube Diesupplies attended Taoyuan Paper Association member venue with success
Vacation notice
3Cube Diesupplies will participate Printing South China 2024
Lunar New Year Holiday Notice
We wish you a merry Christmas & Happy New Year
3Cube participated WEPACK ASEAN in Malaysia
3Cube participated All in Print
Holiday notice from 3Cube Diesupplies
3Cube participated Member Assembly and Manufacturer's Meeting
We are back from WEPACK
3Cube Diesupplies will participate 2023 WEPACK
Dragon Boat Festival
3Cube donates local NPO
3Cube will be off for New Year
Wishes from 3Cube Diesupplies
We are back from TIGAX 2022
3Cube Diesupplies wishes you a happy Moon Festival
3Cube Diesupplies will participate TIGAX
3Cube Wishes you a very happy Dragon Boat Festival
3Cube Diesupplies will be off for National holiday
3Cube Diesupplies acted as sponsor on 2021 FSD Annual Presentation
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Day-off notice for Moon Festival
3Cube off notice for Dragon Boat Festival
Children’s Day & Tomb Sweeping Festival
3Cube Diesupplies wishes you a happy Chinese New Year
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We are back from TIGAX 2020
We will participate TIGAX 2020
3CUBE wish you have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival !
3Cube joins IADD
Specification amendment of 3C003 notcher
3Cube will meet you at Drupa
Happy Lunar New Year!
4th December, 2019 3Cube participated Drupa 2020 presentation
We will participate Print Indonesia
We are just back from India Corr and got huge success
We will participate India Corr Expo 2019
Dragon Boat Festival
3Cube show news
Off notice from 3Cube Diesupplies
About China Print
We will participate SinoFoldingCarton Show
Chinese New Year break notice
Merry Christmas!
Now technical support is available
Thank you for joining China Print with 3Cube
On Leave Notice for Chinese New Year
Happy 2017
3Cube participated TIGAX
We will participate TIGAX 2016 (C828)
We will participate Drupa show, booth number is 11B39
kind invitation from 3Cube
Special shape punches
some news of 3Cube
Our new production plant is ready

New punch! Hexagonal punch
New product line! Gison pneumatic tools
100% machine production
3 Cube now works with San-I- one of leading grinding wheel provider of the world
3Cube Diesupplies will participate Sinofoldingcarton