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網站計數器 3Cube Diesupplies, your most reliable partner for diemaking & diecutting products!

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3Cube Diesupplies is professional supplier for diemaking & diecutting manual equipment and comsumables.
In beginning, we focused on overseas market. As insisting to provide best quality and service, we have been growing tremendously in recent years.
After then, we started entering local market with same principal, now we are already the most famous diemaking/diecutting supplier in Taiwan.

In 2018, we set another company- Wetry Diecutting  Machinery for formally launching our most advanced stripping machine of the world that developped by our own. And for this line, we have been starting to launch some years ago in Korea, China and Taiwan, and also got regular and big requirements in these areas.

Make things to the best, think ahead. We only provide nice products as well as service.
We do believe, your success is our success.