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We are glad to inform our esteemed customers that our punches now are 100% made by machine.


If you have visited punch factory, you might find many workers produce punches by drillers. This is very common way for punch makers. Some years ago, we have started using precise machines for our punches and kept few drillers for some production procedures in case of need. And we installed 3 more machines last month. After few weeks running, now 3Cube production is made 100% by machines.


What's the benifit of 100% producing by machine:


1. Larger capacity.

2. Even less mistake by humans.

3. Even more precise.


3Cube has been managing production line by Japanese way for many years. Now with assistance of machines brings us to even another boundary. Again 3Cube thank you for your supports and 3Cube will keep improving our quality and with economic price as always.